Progress Report for 10/7/23 and 10/8/23

10/7/23 – Today, the software side continued on improving our detection for the April Tags, the pixel detection, and field-centric movement. It seems as if the pixels are readily able to detect the different color pixels with an astounding accuracy(0.95 was the numerical value given), but the bounding box around the pixel was a different color. The april tags can […]

Progress of Terabridges Team 9/16 and 9/17

9/16/23 – Today we disassembled last year’s robot and tried to replace it with a gobuilda motor for increased efficacy this year. The problem was that our team did not acquire the gear needed to attach the gobuilda motor, so we finish the software robot later. began assmebling our software robot. We also brainstormed out team’s plans. 9/17/23 – Today, […]

An Overview of Terabridges and Upper St. Clair Robotics

Upper St. Clair High School has four FTC teams. They are Botsburgh, Rogo, Terabridges, and USC Dynamix. Terabridges, in the 2023-2024 season, consists of four 9th graders: Rohan Inampudi, Jackson Galbraith, Matt Beitler, and Josh Beitler. In addition, Sidharth Nambiar and William Whitman are two 10th graders on Terabridges; 11th graders include Ishaan Sharma and Darcy Vilkner; 12th graders include […]